Maximum Productivity Days
Productivity is the Hallmark of all true success. People who are extremely successful owe it to extreme and Maximum productivity. No matter what you are involved in, if you can be productive, you will ultimately be successful. Productivity as important as it is is very difficult to come by. We are always easily overcome by laziness or busy with unproductive work of no significant value. Other times we are plagued with lack of time for real Productive work. Outlined in this book are Strategies that can help balance out our desire to be and our need to be extremely productive making us very productive and ultimately successful. If you see yourself battling with Laziness, you don't need to fight any longer, the discoveries in this book will turn you into a maximally productive person at work and in your individual life. These are drawn from my personal journey towards becoming a more productive person. Through these discoveries I have gone on to amaze myself. I used to be lazy and ex
Author : Adiemea Obed
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : Personal Development
Number of Pages : 23

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