Men Don’t Marry Good Girls
When Mira met Joe, she thought she had found the love of her life and so, was determined to do all she could to make it work. Mira was not one to leave the issues of her life to chance. She is known among her circle as a very deliberate and intentional woman. Asides that, she is very smart and highly sensitive to her environment. Mira was not the only one who saw the good in Joe, almost everyone to whom she had introduced him thinks he was a perfect gentleman and just the right fit for her. Their lives and relationship were almost perfect until Joe changed suddenly and became someone she couldn’t recognize. As a result, their near-perfect relationship hit the rocks and everything ended abruptly, leaving the obvious question hanging Mira’s mouth- ‘’what went wrong?’’ Was she wrong to love so much and put in her best in her relationship? What do men really want? Anna is an uptight girl, she doesn’t allow any man to take advantage of her, a typical well-brought-up girl. But why then does her relationships always hit the rocks? What do men really want? Lizzy is determined to meet the man of her dreams from the upper rung of the social ladder. She has a great taste in fashion and in men and as expected, they are often attracted to her, yet none of her relationships had ever made it to the alter. What do men really want? Could it be true that ‘’MEN DON’T MARRY GOOD GIRLS’’? What kind of girls really
Author : Rosemary Adejo
Published : 2019
Book Type : Book
Category : Fiction
Number of Pages : 147

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