Menduka is a strange girl. Sheathed by a dark secret, blessed with an astonishing beauty, she is stunning and captivating and attracts the attention of every young man she comes in contact with but she wants only one man, Udo. What is the myth surrounding her birth? Udo is quiet with a gentle demeanor, he wants to please his friend, Emenalo but finds out Emenalo is a greedy snake who is after his money. Now he feels his life will be in grave danger if he marries Menduka. For her love, he’s prepared to abandon the town he’s born in, why? Emenalo is ruthless and arrogant, poor; yet he's determined to make it big in life and the only way to succeed is to get his hands on Menduka’s secret. What is the secret? Ikenna is the son of a wealthy politician, who gets whatever he wants. Now he wants to marry Menduka. He has vowed that no man but himself marry her. Will he succeed knowing that Udo is involved with her? Set in the 80s, in a fast growing town, three guys; Udo, Emenalo and Ikenna are magically drawn against each other by a female force, Menduka. This is the uncanny story of love, passion, jealousy, mystery that would lead to murders. Who is the killer?
Author : Nky Omeka
Published : 2019
Book Type : Book
Category : Fiction
Number of Pages : 183

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