Mini Healthy Habits for Happy Kids
Every ?hild i? diff?r?nt, ?? ??m?tim?? ??u h?v? t? t?k? diff?r?nt approaches with each ?f ??ur kid?. Y?u can not ???nd t?? much time tr?ing t? be only their friend. Wh?n ??u d? that ??u will ?t?rt t? lose them as your children. Wh?n ??u can b?l?n?? b?ing th?ir fri?nd ?nd being th?ir ??r?nt you will h?v? th? best r?l?ti?n?hi? with th?m and th? b??t ?h?n?? ?f a normal lif?. Habits are difficult to break -- this is why the earlier you teach your child to develop good, safe habits in life, the easier it is to make these habits last for a lifetime.
Author : Bukky Ekine-Ogunlana
Published : 2021
Book Type : Book
Category : FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Parenting / General
Number of Pages : 42

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