Moon Walker
How do feel when you have so much power that makes you feel cheated in life? How do you feel when your dreams were cut short because of a sudden responsibility heaped on your shoulders? A prophecy foretold the reign of an all powerful tyrant "Gaza" who would enslave and terrorize the entire clan of the moon elites and it's environs. And goes on to foretell a Savior, who would conquer this tyrant and unite the people back in peace. Sara, never imagined that the powers she sees as a curse, is actually the hope of the world and equally the desire of many. She never fathomed her life would be the hunt of every supernatural who had thrist for powers and Authority. She kissed her normal life goodbye and watched her dreams go down the drain, when she discovers she is a savior to an entire clan of the moon elites, planet earth and virtually the whole world.
Author : Onyeneke Abel
Published : Apr-18
Book Type : Book
Category : Sci-Fi
Number of Pages : 153

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