Nigeria: Who is to Blame?
Nigeria, a country richly endowed with both human and natural resources, full of such potential that is unequaled in comparison to most others. Yet she is one of the most troubled of all the nations in the globe. Every problem is said to have a root cause that drives it. Beyond the “who” is the “what”. What factors are at the root of this malady? Towards which direction shall this great giant steer the wheel to make a good turn in the right bearing? “Will Nigeria ever get better?” is the troubling question in the heart of all and sundry. What more hope lie ahead for a country like this one? NIGERIA: who is to blame? is a byproduct of a personal reflections of a young and curios mind on the many woes and pangs reflective of the unworthy condition a country ladened with so much awesomeness has been entrapped in. In this outstanding masterpiece, Ohaju Obed Ifeanyi tactfully bares his thoughts on the primary issues holding the great giant of Africa at ransom and the possible solutions.
Author : Ohaju Obed Ifeanyi
Published : 2017
Book Type : Book
Category : POLITICAL SCIENCE / Corruption & Misconduct
Number of Pages : 38

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