Now That You're Young
For the past twenty and half years, I have literarily lived and worked among young people. I have practically held so many of them by the hands as they worked through the delicate teenage years and metamorphosed into adulthood. For me there is no greater joy than to see a young handsome boy or a beautiful young girl grow into a responsible individual fulfilling those innocently crafted dreams and visions of his or her heart. I have witnessed this over and over again and I am so grateful to God for putting me in the youth ministry and using me as a source of encouragement to them as they evolve into the men and women God created them to be. On the other hands, I have experienced pains and heartbreak watching some young people, who had great potentials, derail and never really able to put their lives together as they grow into adulthood. We see many on the streets doing unimaginably terrible things. I have observed over the years that the difference between the youths who grow into responsible adults and those who can’t put life together is in the kind of choices they made as they move from one developmental stage to the other. In this I find the truism in the assertion that ‘we make our choices and our choices make us’. In this book, I have put together seven most important choices that any young person who dreams of growing into responsible adult, (making positive impact in the lives of others and living a truly fulfilling life) must make while still in the youthful years. If any young person makes these choices early and follows them up with dedicated action, at every stage of life, he will shine like stars in his generation and become models for many.
Author : Folaranmi Tunde Oyediran
Published : 2016
Book Type : Book
Category : Personal Development
Number of Pages : 39

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