With freedom comes responsibility, and if one is not able to play one’s cards right, it is easy to find oneself neck deep in trouble. However, what becomes of someone is based on the choices made. I lost my parents at an early age and that was when I realized that I had no one. Those who promised heaven and earth at the gravesite disappeared and I was left alone in the world. I tried to turn to my parents' families but none is willing to be burdened with a teenage girl. A ray of hope in the guise of my parents’ mutual friend, the Hassans gave me the strength to forge forward. When I found out my father’s uncle sold my father’s house, I couldn’t keep quiet. I can’t sit back and watch what is mine become someone else’s. Don’t blame me for my actions (maybe you should), but I really need to let people know I am not someone to be trifled with. That was my goal. That was my ruin.
Author : Ogunshola Yetunde Lois
Published : 2019
Book Type : Book
Category : Thriller
Number of Pages : 62

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