Peace: How to Find It in This Chaotic World
The whole world is altogether confused and anxious. This anxiety and lack of peace is boldly written on the faces of people as they walk the streets. Unfortunately, it affects them in all areas of human endeavours. However, in the midst of all these, one question that begs for an answer is, ‘is it really possible to live a worry-free, peaceful life? If possible how can this balanced, focused and peaceful kind of life be achievable in this uncertain, confused world? My answer to this question is in affirmative; you can live a peaceful, worry-free life. Although the world may never experience peace until the King of glory appears in His majesty, yet you can live a life full of excitement and peace as an individual. The basis of this peace for you as a believer is not in yourself but in the fact that you know Him who controls and rules in the affairs of men and you have placed all in His hands and cast yourself on the faithful God. You can have the experience of peace Jesus bestow. This book shows you how.
Author : Folaranmi Tunde Oyediran
Published : 2017
Book Type : Book
Category : Personal Development
Number of Pages : 56

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