Prayer Enhancer
You have prayed before. I know that because the title of this book attracted you. It shows you’re interested in prayers. But are all prayers answered by God? How then do we make the difference, so we can pray only prayers God will answer and waste no time with prayers that won’t work? Since her first book, Understanding the Force of Liberty, Kelicha Ochonogor is proving to be a ready writer with unceasing flow. Another of her books, Following the Steps of Giants is as sensitive to contemporary issues as this one, Prayer Enhancers, which boldly spells out prayer killers and points at positive elements that enhance, improve, strengthen and enforce prayers. Pray! “You got to pray,” the author says. Pray! “You got to avoid prayer killers,” she warns. Pray! “Go for prayer enhancers,” she urges you, assuring that you’ll certainly find out that God is keen to answer you with proof of glorious testimonies.
Author : Kelicha Ochonogor
Published : 2016
Book Type : Book
Category : Religion
Number of Pages : 68

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