Pretend Engagement
"I am more than how my body looks, and it's time I, and everybody else, realise it." Growing up with brothers who constantly teased her about her body, and a mother who worried no man would ever want her, Callista Okoli has no real sense of self-worth. And thus lacking, she threw herself at Chukwudi Udolisa, even when he treated her no better than a passing pleasure. Now Chukwudi is coming home for the Christmas holidays, and Callista is desperate to prove she's moved on after he left her more than a year ago. She finds a 'pretend boyfriend' in her friend Mario, and together they set out to take the arrogant and self-important Chukwudi Udolisa down a peg, or two. But there's such a thing as two close for comfort, because all of a sudden, Callista and Mario are having all these feelings—and they don't want to pretend anymore. This is where we say happily ever after, except now there's a whole lot going on like bar fights, kidnap, and blackmail—and a disgruntled Chukwudi Udolisa.
Author : Sophia Bernard
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : Romance
Number of Pages : 254

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