Sisters, Natasha and Shelia Matt are separated after Natasha is jailed for the murder of her three college roommates and sentenced to death by the state. 15 years after, 25-year old Shelia returns back to town, being engaged to Sportstar, Lorenzo Adams. Overwhelmed with the feeling of reuniting with her sister, Shelia attempts to get her sister out of Jail before she is wrongfully killed with lethal injection. Shelia experiences much more than she imagined; office discrimination, her romantic relationship under fire by the press, her father's past intentions and worst, Regret. Quietus is a book that shows perfect love for family, process of moving on, fighting for another chance in life and the impossiblity in forgiving and forgetting.
Author : Odunuyi Oluwatoyin
Published : 23/1/2020
Book Type : Book
Category : Fiction
Number of Pages : 178

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