Recolour: A Girl's Journey through Abuse, Brokenness and Resilience
Having endured a series of sustained emotional, physical and sexual abuse would her life remain the same? CHIDINMA CHIKWE PENS DOWN A THRILLING, SOBER AND INSIGHTFUL MEMOIR LACED WITH AUTHENTICITY. In spite of the roller coaster of events she goes through she chooses to be unshaken. However, will the journey that started out great only to turn sour become a lifetime of battling with the adverse effects as she consciously fights against depression, PTSD, Anxiety and all the not so pleasant effects that come with the trauma of having one’s childhood stolen from them or will this be the beginning of a journey to healing, finding faith and being resilient? Chidinma, a resilient woman and child sexual abuse survivor presents this brave piece which took vulnerability to write, trusting that one, maybe two or maybe an entire generation of individuals who have at some point in their lives let someone else determine the process in creating the work of art called YOU will be inspired to gain a renewed sense of hope in order to colour again and differently. It chronicles her truth and journey in the simplest possible way for children, survivors and individuals that love them. At the end of RECOLOUR, you will discover that you are not alone in the fight to take back control of your life and journey.
Author : Chidinma Chikwe
Published : 2019
Book Type : Book
Category : Memoir
Number of Pages : 86

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