Revised Physics (Volume I)
Revised Physics For Institutions of Learning is intended for candidates seeking admission into higher academic institutions who require Physics and covers the synopsis for undergraduate studies in Physics. The purpose of this textbook is to provide a solid background in Physics and is presented in the Nigerian context with clear demonstration of the principles of Physics adapted to suit the limited resources in our current science laboratories. The textbook provides comprehensive knowledge of Applied Physics, an important area missing in existing textbooks. The book introduces Physics Electronics with electronic circuits design and analysis. The concept of elements and components of electronic circuits are discussed in a concise manner. Specific technologies and applications of bipolar junction transistors and field effect transistors are introduced with clear diagrams to effectively communicate the knowledge. This textbook is presented in five volumes with coloured diagrams and simple English that demystifies Physics. It is designed to serve as a tutor and reference standard for all science inclined students, molding and growing their knowledge of Physics adapted to an environment with limited laboratory facilities.
Author : Oduah U.I. & Nwaekwu V.N.
Published : 2019
Book Type : Book
Category : Educational
Number of Pages : 140

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