Sales Growth: Five Proven Strategies from the World's Sales Leaders, 2nd Edition
How do sales executives in large companies drive and sustain growth? How do they see growth opportunities before competitors do-be it through capturing trends, or finding pockets of growth in existing markets? How can their organization deploy multiple channels to serve customers of different sizes and with different needs-and how can it optimize direct and indirect channels? How can their companies use sales operations and technology as true engines of growth? How can their companies drive near-term growth while building capabilities for the long term? Underpinning all these questions-and of course of utmost relevance to senior sales executives-is what sales leaders themselves should do differently. This updated second edition explores how senior sales executives around the world are tackling these issues-and gathers real-world lessons and ideas from world class companies.
Author : McKinsey & Co.
Published : 2016
Book Type : Book
Category : Business
Number of Pages : 120

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