Scurvy Validation
The journey of a carefree phase in life becomes a race she has to win by strategic means. Fear of rejection and failure looms in the air. In this captivating drama, peer pressure is not the misery. It is a practicable struggle laced with self-inflicted pain of chasing shadows-a most dangerous terrain for a teenager to find herself. On a path to seeking validation, Anjola goes through many twists that greatly affect her life. Enclosed in the walls of a boarding school, her quest for acceptance, excellence, and an end to parental admonition is short-lived. The intrigues of time, place and sequential events will play a significant turnaround for Anjola. Read how Anjola scales through the hurdles that stop her from feeling the worth of her identity.
Author : Oluwafunmilayo Inemesit Adewole
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : DRAMA / General
Number of Pages : 54

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