Serpent Scion Return of the Living God
"Pay attention, little baalim... God is returning." It has been fourteen years since the fall of the House of the Serpent Coil and the demise of the Serpent god King, ruler of the AnandraƱ Empire and God of the world. Fourteen years since the world breathed a sigh of relief. From the ashes arose a lesser House, the House of the Raven's Reach, who claimed the throne of God, and whose master, the Reacher, rules the Empire as the new savior of the world. This is a ruler the people readily accept, having suffered under the brutal reign of the last god King deposed and the excesses of his court. Now there comes a reckoning. A scion arises from the House of the Serpent Coil at last, a rightful heir seeking back his throne, and a Legion walks before him. Yet the people rebel against his return. However, an old world abomination seeps through the cracks back into the world. There is a deadly game afoot underneath the surface. A game of power between gods, princes and abominable powers reemerging from eras of old. The world needs its God, now more than ever. Even if they do not know it. But first, the scion must reclaim his throne, if he is to save them all. And his first adversary is the impostor who seats upon his throne.
Author : Eve Gene
Published : December
Book Type : Book
Category : Fiction
Number of Pages : 121

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