Son of My Father
In this book, you get acquainted with the one I call Dad. Chapter One introduces you to his fatherhood while Chapter Two offers you a slight insight into his lifestyle of faith. Chapter Three opens you up to how he personifies humility. His hospitable spirit is etched in Chapter Four. And in Chapter Five, you encounter the value of his good name. What's a man without a loveable spirit? This essence that defines him is captured in the sixth chapter. And a loveable man is deserving of a virtuous wife. Hence, Chapter Seven reveals his wife, my mum, to you. Afterall,we are all human. Thus you have a feel of my father's humanity or human nature in the eight chapter. For the sake of those who don't know me personally, my father is a man of the robe, a minister of the gospel who served in the Methodist Church ministry. So in the ninth chapter, a very instructive and unforgettable experience is unveiled to the reader to afford him or her invaluable lessons of life and living. Finally, in the tenth chapter, you come in contact with his son and his word. My hope is that this volume would find resonance with different aspects of the reader's life, giving off priceless lessons in the process.
Author : Tosin Olukuade
Published : 2019
Book Type : Book
Category : Nonfiction
Number of Pages : 59

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