Teach me to Love
It is amazing to be loved by God. Don't you feel blessed to be loved by a Father who deeply loves you regardless of all your imperfections? God's love is so beautiful. His love is so powerful, the human mind cannot comprehend it. There's no love greater than the love of God. No love can satisfy you like the love of God. God's love does something to us and in us that we cannot explain. He loves us because it is His nature to, not because of what we did or didn't do right. We deserve nothing, but He gives us everything. We deserved death for our sins but He gave us life through the blood of Jesus Christ. In spite of our shortcomings, God's love is showered upon us in its wholeness and awesomeness. He expresses His unfathomable love for us in so many awesome ways - in His love we find so many beautiful things that He adorns us with. God wants us to extend His love to others and we can only love the right way when we make Him our source of love. This book tells us how.
Author : Nari Mokut
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : Religion
Number of Pages : 33

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