The Amala Renaissance
Faced with severe financial challenges, Akin Alegongo and his wife Damilola, decide to set up an amala restaurant to replace Damilola's unprofitable hairdressing salon. Their new business, Amala Boutique is a huge success and they become local celebrities, to the admiration of their lawyer friend Marcus Dasofejo, who financed the enterprise. Akin Alegongo thereafter evolves an ingenious plan to entice and retain customers and also to create new branches of Amala Boutique all over the world. Thus was born the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Amala Renaissance, otherwise known as The Amalafarians. Amalafarians were encouraged to gather daily at the new Amala Temples to be fed with food and nutrition doctrine. But the local religious leaders are not amused, at the consequent depletion of their regular congregations. Honourable Ajala, a henpecked local politician eventually instigates Reverend Jackson into a plan to wipe out the Amala Temples. Their plan brings Akin Alegongo before a judge, where his only hopes rest on the legal skill of Marcus Dasofejo, the testimony of his wife Damilola and the treacherous accusation of their landlord, Alhaji Safiyu.
Author : Rotimi Ogunjobi
Published : 2018
Book Type : Book
Category : Comedy
Number of Pages : 56

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