The Capitalism of Unsatisfied Bodies
Become a Confident Woman! Are you tired of comparing yourself to another woman? Are you struggling with affirming your remarkability? In this simple and expository book, Francisca Okwulehie reveals the secrets that take a less confident woman from been an Unsatisfied Body to becoming a Satisfied and Confident Woman, who is happy with her Self and Body. In "The Capitalism of Unsatisfied Bodies" you will find: - Francisca Okwulehie's definition of a Satisfied and Unsatisfied Body and how capitalism plays out in the life of an Unsatisfied Body. - How to become a Satisfied Body; a Confident woman. Easy and recitable affirmations for mind and body. - How to recognise your TRIBE and become remarkable. The Capitalism of Unsatisfied Bodies equips readers with confident awareness on issues that affect the feminine person, from hair, to weight, skin colour and self worth. Read this book to unlock the secrets to being a Satisfied Confident Woman.
Author : Francisca O. Okwulehie
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : Inspirational
Number of Pages : 31

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