The Confession Lifestyle
Every Christian has the nature of God the Father. Our God is a speaking God who brought the universe into existence through His spoken words. If we, being His children, have His nature, then we also possess the ability to create our own universe through the words of our mouth. Our heavenly Father has bestowed upon us a mandate of dominion over all things upon the face of the earth. Sadly, many Christians fail to actualise this mandate even to a small measure. Ignorance of the Word and its potency, daily physical struggles with sin, a seemingly unrelenting adversary, has kept many from realising and actualising the truth of who they really are in Christ. This book highlights the new creation realities in a new way, pointing believers to their heritage in Christ and showing them how to lay claim to God’s promises through daily confessions. It also contains 365 daily confessions to guide the modern day Christian who is trying to build a Godly lifestyle on the Word of Life. Once you change your confessions, you will change your life.
Author : Nosakhare Tunde-Oni
Published : 2019
Book Type : Book
Category : Inspirational
Number of Pages : 122

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