The Dark Horse of Love Relationships
The ever increasing consequences borne out of failed love relationships despite the countless relationship materials available, raise issues that are consequently addressed in THE DARK HORSE OF LOVE RELATIONSHIPS in a direct, blunt and concise manner; the kind of advice one gets from a parent, brother, sister, or friend who shows you tough love by not sugarcoating anything but telling you the truth that many will either not tell you or will adulterate it in order not to hurt your feelings. The author sought to favour “hurting" the reader's feelings with loving truth so that the reader turns out well over not “hurting" the reader's feelings and then allowing them fall into a ditch. Before a divorce, there was a marriage. Before a marriage, there was dating/courtship/love relationship. It was the same set of people who started out as lovebirds that filed for divorce. This sadly, is a recurring reality in our world today. "The Dark Horse of Love Relationships" addresses the crust of the underlying issues that must be understood and put into proper context in order to curb this menace causing a breakdown of the society. The book goes straight to the point, and in it one will find timeless truths and concepts that if one understands, and faithfully makes them their reality, one will be shocked, pleasantly shocked, as to how in such basic, underrated concepts lie the secret to truly blissful love relationships.
Author : Felix Odofin
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : Romance
Number of Pages : 55

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