The Diary of a Boy Soldier
The Creed of Brotherhood in the Nigerian Military School, Zaria is straightforward; one for all, and all for one. However, when Ayorinde fans the desire to attend the school, he has no inkling of what awaits him within the hallowed walls of the first military secondary school in West Africa. At the onset of his training at the school, aside adjusting to his new environment, Ayorinde finds that there are irascible senior students to contend with, especially Seniors Bawasa and Jackie Chan who are bent on making their juniors flee from the school. His time at the school would then be one of adventures and escapades; from getting lost and finding himself in a university campus while dodging Seniors Bawasa and Jackie Chan to ending up at Bauchi State and seeking refuge in a deity’s shrine while on a training in Jos. As Ayorinde plunges through the ranks, he realises a shift in his challenges as he now has to battle with meeting his mother's expectations, manoeuvring against the damning wishes of his critics, and not losing himself. It is until the tail end of his training in the Nigerian Military School that he would look back at his life and take stock, using his diary entries.
Author : Alexander Emmanuel Ochogwu
Published : 2018
Book Type : Book
Category : Fiction
Number of Pages : 234

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