The Elijah Challenge: A Challenge to Nigerian G.O.s, Bishops, and Senior Pastors
"The Elijah challenge is a detailed analysis of a challenge thrown to the Nigerian G.Os, Bishops and Senior pastors to repent from the false gospels of mammon, syncretism and paganism that has destroyed the church and nation and for them all to return to the gospel of the Kingdom. In this book you'll learn: 1. How to understand my perspective 2. How I was trained in the wilderness of communism 3. Why Nigerians find it difficult to understand me 4. My experience in changing in a nation 5. How God changed my understanding of ministry 6. Why the Elijah challenge 7. The perversion of the gospel in Nigeria 8. The superiority of the truth above culture 9. The error of the Old Testament “gospel” in Nigeria 10. How to break the plague and culture of silence in Nigeria"
Author : Sunday Adelaja
Published : 2019
Book Type : Book
Category : Religion
Number of Pages : 120

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