The Employability Handbook
Unemployment and underemployment are big issues that confronts us as a nation and as much as we currently are putting all our efforts at solving those challenges, we must not take our eyes off a silent but dangerous issue also plaquing the youth which is employability. As much as there are not many jobs available to go round, the ones available are highly competitive and for anyone to succeed in the corporate, you must demonstrate a high level of employability by possessing and consistently demonstrating the most important and required skills by employers. This is my attempt at providing a solution to this challenge currently being faced by most undergraduates, recent graduates and reducing the headache faced by most organizations while in search of top-notch candidates to fill the vacant roles they have. This book is borne out of my passion to see everyone at different stages of their professional career go from unemployable to highly employable and valuable to potential employers, current employers, and the world at large while helping them find career fulfillment and success.
Author : Demola Scott
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : Personal Development
Number of Pages : 92

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