The Extraordinary Woman
There is a wonderful plan for your life. You can hold your head up high and be filled with confidence about yourself and your future. You can be bold and step out to do new things - even things no man or woman has done before. You have what it takes! THE EXTRAORDINARY book will help you to live with purpose and fulfil your true potential. This book: Gives you the keys to living a purposeful and independent life. Shows why you are extraordinary and can live without fear. Helps you not to be overwhelmed by the barriers of the world's false expectations of you. The message in this book is based on my personal journey from insecurity and low self-belief to a life characterized by inspiring confidence and realizing my full potential.
Author : Adanne Chukwudi Udejiofor
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : Personal Development
Number of Pages : 28

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