The Foolish Wisdom Of The gods
The foolish wisdom of the gods is a simple story about the reality of how words affect the human life. Many people speak words carelessly without knowing how powerful those words influence their lives. It is important to speak the right words always, more importantly, is to be clear with our words and mean exactly what we say because words are spiritual elements and spirits do not have intelligence, therefore every words spoken is taken to mean exactly what was said. Many people often say a thing, and mean a different thing from what they say. Being able to communicate exactly what you feel and what you mean through words can save you from the foolishness of the gods. In this book, there are stories of different people whose words were the cause of the life’s predicaments they eventually found themselves in. Without knowing, they have used their mouths through words to cage themselves in, and many are facing problems they never planned for. Such is the situation with many in the world today. Life is ruled by words, therefore they that master the art of speaking rightly will definitely have their lives where they want it. The good book said, life and death are in the power of the tongue. This means that whenever you open your mouth to speak, you are either communicating life or death. If you speak life, you will live and if you speak death, you will die. You can either speak life or death concerning anything in your life. Your marriage, business, career etc are what they are today as a result of what you speak and still speaking concerning them. If you speak life, they prosper. But if you speak death, they die. Watch what you say at all times and say exactly what you mean. This is an important life’s principle.
Author : Amachree Ikijana
Published : 2019
Book Type : Book
Category : Fiction
Number of Pages : 39

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