The Gods Are Mortal
Erin stands before the gigantic mirror of Ikumodo and boils with rage. Oma’s predicament fills him with a vengeful appetite. Her cry almost moves him to tears but he uses the magic of Uriadam to hold it. Oma’s father lit hurricane lamp to preserve her life, the healing herb is a decayed food the god of vengeance had thrown down from the upper world. Against Edion’s wish, Erin descends to Igowe to avenge Keme’s atrocities. The gods are not perfect. Erin falls in love and delays his mission. Oma finds out his identity. She spurns his declaration of love and demands justice from him. He lives normal among mortals, oblivious of earthly dangers and human treacheries. With constricting powers, Erin faces obstacles in order to defeat Keme and a scorned admirer. Erin must choose between love and his immortality.
Author : Gift Foraine Amukoyo
Published : 2018
Book Type : Book
Category : Fiction
Number of Pages : 169

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