The Irredeemable Price
"The Irredeemable Price" has those sterling qualities which every good novel possesses. It is educative, informative, entertaining, and thought provoking. Ohaju Obed Ifeanyi discusses greatly those vices that are so prevalent among the youths, some juvenile delinquencies that can mar ones future in life. It gives first hand information on how our youths will always have at the back of their minds that their destiny lies in their own hands. This captivating book is aimed at influencing the youths positively in all aspect of their lives especially in decision making, knowing that their decision today can either affect their lives positively or ruin the rest of their lives. In the book, Blessing is the only child of her parents. She is the only hope of the family. She is intelligent, obedient, and disciplined. She had three friends with whom she created an outstanding history and attracted accolades from her peers and fellow students. She won lots of laurels for her school. But....
Author : Ohaju Obed Ifeanyi
Published : 2018
Book Type : Book
Category : Fiction
Number of Pages : 25

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