The Ivorian Miracle
The Ivorian Miracle is a Christmas novella on grace, love, and forgiveness. It tells the story of two sisters who find themselves and find love in one Christmas. Adaeze, the older of the two is married to a Casanova, wealthy politically exposed person who has spent his life living selfishly, tangled in a web of deceit, political schemes, money laundering, and fraud, there isn’t any hope for his restoration until Adaeze takes the audacious step of reporting him to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. Kena, bruised by Adaeze’s husband’s selfish desires goes on self-exile after he raped her, finding nothing but despair, anger, hatred and a deep desire for vengeance, she finds love and forgiveness in the midst of her struggles. Chima is the center of the story. He is the character we all love to hate, Casanova, cheat, money launderer. How will these sisters find themselves in the midst of this struggle and strife? To top it a life must be lost because the powers that be would give everything to cover their tracks. Find out in this exciting novella.
Author : Chinelo Mgbeadichie
Published : Dec 2018
Book Type : Book
Category : Fiction
Number of Pages : 144

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