The Lost Identity
In the Disney Animated Tale, Tarzan is the name given by a troop of gorillas to a young baby when it is found by Kala, a gorilla mother who lost her baby to a leopard. Tarzan and his parents were marooned on the island jungle, and his parents too were killed by the leopard. Kala adopts Tarzan as her own much to the dislike of her mate Kerchak, the leader of the clan. As Tarzan grows older, he becomes ape-like and agile, but the troop still doesn't recognize him as one of them. Our lives most times replicate this animation in reality; we are like that person who forgets how he looks after he had just watched himself in the mirror. I used to know a former Adam who named all animals in the water, air, under the ground, on earth etc but today the seed of such Adam now runs in fear of the animals that was once named by them. Men were created to Dominate and rule all things made, not to be dominated and ruled by all things made but the difference has been the case today; Insects like Cockroach now scares even some, sickness has kept a Man who was created as gods in bondage; The son of a king now treks while the servant rides on horses. Something went wrong. This book will enlighten you to what went wrong, how it was corrected and what to do restore who you were meant to be.
Author : Oluwafemi Alabi
Published : 2019
Book Type : Book
Category : Religion
Number of Pages : 40

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