The Menace of Petroleum Pipeline Vandalism
This book discusses petroleum pipeline vandalism in Nigeria, particularly in Osisioma Ngwa of Abia State. The book evaluates a brief survey of pipeline vandalism in Nigeria, reasons people are involved in pipeline vandalism such as general liberation struggle, economic reason, and as acts of sabotage. The patterns pipeline vandals operate were x-rayed. Causes of pipeline vandalism such as poverty, unemployment, government insincerity and poor state of development, corruption in the security sector and sabotage in the oil sector were noted as well the effects which include; economic loss leading to poor economy, fuel scarcity, destruction of lives and properties, environmental degradation, inadequate power supply. The book concludes that the menace of pipeline vandalism could be curbed through the effective and strategic role of the government, security agents, Church, mass media and the citizens.
Author : Nwaozuru Johnmajor C.
Published : 2019
Book Type : Book
Category : Educational
Number of Pages : 44

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