The New Moms' Guide to Stress-Free Motherhood
Are you a first-time-mum struggling to navigate motherhood successfully or a mother who has been finding it difficult to cope with all that comes with motherhood? Coping with motherhood and every other thing life throws at women can be overwhelming and it has been shown that many women lose themselves in the process while some even get depressed to the extent of running away from people or even contemplating suicide. The New Moms' Guide to Stress-free Motherhood is a resource for all women; singles and married who desire to have a great motherhood journey without feeling frustrated but can still slay in the process. The book talks about the issues women go through once they give birth but don't really have to go through should they have knowledge before becoming a mother. It also contains true life stories of mothers who learnt on the job, got their fingers burnt and how new moms can avoid these mistakes. In the book are several questions with answers on how to enjoy motherhood, issues discussed ranges from how a mother can care for herself because her well being is pivotal to the well being of others. How she can care for her baby, cater to the needs of her family, things to know and do during & after pregnancy, issues of sex with her husband, all a woman needs to know about postpartum depression, preparing the older child for the arrival of the new baby for mothers who are not first-timers, what the mother needs to do to prevent her baby from falling sick, signs to watch out for to understand what the baby is saying even when they have not started talking and many more. This book is the solution to most of the challenges women face in their motherhood journey and it is loaded with all they need to be a great mother, wife and career woman without any of them clashing with the other. The book is for both singles and married.
Author : 'Bisi Ojolo
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / General
Number of Pages : 115

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