The Perfect Plan
The Perfect Plan (Failed Perfection) was inspired by a strong desire for the younger generation to make constructive use of their time because the days are evil ("...time and chance happen to them all"). It has a storyline which cuts across all facets of life and the challenges people are faced with on a daily basis. The fictional and nonfictional style of this book carries a message of God’s love and mercies. It is focused on families, individuals, and also parents who provide for their children but, do not have time for them. Children and youths who are ashamed of serving God and who do not want to follow the path their parents have followed will also be inspired by this piece. It will also make you realise that without God being at the Centre of it all, family values and legacies will be a waste. Professionals will identify with this book as well, because of the intrigues and politics people play in various offices. The storyline, setting, plot and theme also cover man’s struggles with jealousy, anger, hatred, bitterness, forgiveness, friendship, ambition, and so on.
Author : Wilson Ileogben
Published : 2016
Book Type : Book
Category : Religion
Number of Pages : 89

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