The Plague of Silence
"It was Adolf Hitler who said what a joy it is for oppressors that the masses do not think. What he said actually was “what a joy it is for leaders that people do not think”. Personally, I see it as a great tragedy that the masses do not think. Many believe that Hitler was possessed in this saying, but sadly a lot of leaders think like Hitler. Oppressors think like Hitler, and it is a joy for them that people do not think and people are not speaking out. It seems the oppressed have made an oath of silence. It is heartbreaking that a man will rejoice over another’s silence and ignorance. It is unfortunate that people do not think, it is not a joy, it is a tragedy and I feel that there is hope when I see someone who has found his voice in his generation and is speaking out. I have come to a realization over the years that some people never wake up, some people never wake up throughout their entire lives. In fact, most people are perpetually sleeping. They never ever wake up. Many people go to their graves without asking any questions during their course of existence. Many people live and die without saying anything significant. None of their words mattered. Though they said billions of words while alive, but they never said anything that mattered. They were plagued with silence all through their lives. In this book, I want to teach you to live. I want to teach you to speak out. I want to show you the grave danger of silence. By the time you are done reading this book, your voice will be loud and clear. You would have realized the importance of your voice in your generation. You would have realized that it is important for you to fight off evil. You would understand how important it is for you to take a stand against oppression in your generation. Your voice matters. Come along with me and let me show you how to overcome your plague of silence, then begin to use your voice in this generation. Start reading and in this book you'll discover: 1. The plague called silence 2. How silence is nurturing evil 3. Why the plague of silence destroys a nation 4. There is a plague in the church 5. Why a silent church is a church in darkness 6. Silence is the joy of an oppressor 7. How evil reigns through silence 8. How silence destroys a country 9. How to challenge the evil of your family, culture, and society 10. How to break the social stereotypes of silence"
Author : Sunday Adelaja
Published : 2019
Book Type : Book
Category : Religion
Number of Pages : 120

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