The Waiting Room
Laide Johnson is the fifth lady that has approached Pastor David Enitan Edmond (Pdee) in the last three months to have received Richmond as her heaven made spouse. Everyone in church seems to know that Richmond is one of the most eligible bachelors. He is not only a handsome minister, he is rich, runs his own IT company, spirit filled and always cares for the needy. He however has to be careful in his search for a wife especially after Pdee saw a vision of Richmond being caught up in a web of thorns. ?? ? Melody and her husband are so closely knitted that they never hide anything from each other except for an age long secret that she is guiding jealously. ?? ? Karis thought she has finally made the right choice of a future partner only for her fiance to walk out of their two years relationship few days to her major surgery. It's a tale of encounters, waiting seasons and how to maximize them.
Author : Grace Solomon
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : Fiction
Number of Pages : 92

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