The Wife Swap: a Romance Novel
Olubambi Titus is a woman desperate enough to wear another woman's identity to escape her deadly fate. In a rotten twist of her luck, top tier stripper/ showgirl, Bambi, popularly known as Bambi The Siren with a silken voice and even bigger dreams, has managed to piss off Mr. G, her boss and notorious Lagos pimp of the popular adult night club, Her Secret, and is now on the run. Down on her luck, and in desperate need of escape, she meets her doppelganger, high society heiress Princess Uloaku. Princess has a problem she believes Bambi can solve: swap places with her in an arranged marriage to the mute son of another high society family, for just six months. The benefits? The ‘honeymoon’ will take her out of the country, and away from all her problems. And a fake husband who can make all her big dreams come true. She just has to befriend him. Bambi has a plan. The catch? What is she to do when ‘friendship’ starts to turn into more, Bambi finds herself falling for her fake husband?
Author : Nomi Cane
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : FICTION / Romance / Contemporary
Number of Pages : 395

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