The beasts of Tarzan
The novel begins with the escape of Tarzan’s archenemy Nikolas Rokoff from prison, who is intent on getting his revenge. The events in the novel are set shortly after Tarzan has settled in to his new life as Lord Greystroke, a married man and father to baby Jack. Just when things seem to have stabilized, Tarzan once again is faced with unease, as his infant son is kidnapped by Rokoff and his henchman Alexis Paulvich. Subsequently, Tarzan follows a trail supposedly leading to the whereabouts of his son, but instead it leads him straight into Rokoff’s trap. Accordingly, Tarzan finds himself imprisoned on a ship bound for the African east coast. At the same time, Jane suspects that Tarzan might be entering a trap and decides to go after her him. Needless to say, things do not go well for her either, as she too is imprisoned aboard the ship and caught up in Rokoff’s mischievous scheme of revenge. Upon reaching a deserted island, Rokoff abandons Tarzan on its shores, while telling him of his plans to leave infant Jack to be raised among cannibals as one of their own. Marooned, Tarzan must join forces with the animal inhabitants of the island in order to safely reunite his family and free them from the evil grasp of Rokoff.
Author : Edgar Rice Burroughs 
Published : Unknown
Book Type : Book
Category : Adventure
Number of Pages : 232

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