They Lied to Us
This book is a superlative work that reviews human history from prehistoric to, precisely 2300 CE, and by extension 2405 CE. When the author, after many years of questioning and searching about why the human world is full of multiple and contradictory religions, discovered a decoding system, the entire outlay of human existence took a new dimension. The applications of this decoding method unlocked knotty Bible prophecies thus giving the Mayan Long Count calendar and the contents of the ancient Sumerian clay tablets a collaborative meaning. What role has astrology played in the making of monotheism, the religions which promote that there is only one God in heaven? Could Judaism, Christianity and Islam religions have been forged? This book alongside another by the same author titled THE VATICAN’S SNAKEHEAD AUDITORIUM – The Old Warlord Is Back To Power! will forever change how human race perceives religions.
Author : Tunji Adeeko
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : Nonfiction
Number of Pages : 503

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