Today With God
This Bible study devotional was designed carefully and fundamentally to meet the spiritual need of people, especially teenagers and fresh converts who are hungry for God either consciously or not. God’s intent for inspiring the book as communicated to the author is majorly to solve the fast thriving challenge of spiritual ignorance, divine bankruptcy and distorted understanding of God’s word and the rudiments of faith in Christ Jesus amongst our emerging folks. Ultimately, it is expected that the diligent and consistent study of the contents of this material will not only restore the user to sound spiritual vitality, that is developed through an unbroken and vibrant daily communion with God but will as well make of the user, -a seasoned, updated and relevant disciple of God’s word. It is God's very idea whose time has finally come. Receive grace to journey into a vibrant divine intimacy with God as you commit yourself to the use of this book daily.
Author : Niyi Olamiju
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : Religion
Number of Pages : 66

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