True Masculinity
Man was the last creation of God and masculinity came before feminity. Are these after thoughts or happenstance? No! God’s intent for the male is deliberate, worthy and very special. The devil tried to truncate all these but glory be to the Divinity for the redemptive power and atonement by the blood of Jesus Christ. Was the atonement alone enough to get the man back to God’s intent? I am afraid not. Man has a role to play alongside the atonement of sins to achieve perfect alignment with God’s original plan. As a male child growing up to become a man, you must understand that your Identity lies in whom God has proposed you to be and not in your macho or muscular build (aka 6 packs). This book highlights: how to mirror your Identity in God’s image; the Godly values you should possess; how to prioritize your resources and how to balance your priorities. There are also personal reflections and action points to help you journey through these processes. This is a must read book for every male child because in here lies answer to so many long due questions.
Author : Modupe Adara
Published : August 2018
Book Type : Book
Category : Inspirational
Number of Pages : 21

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