Understanding Deliverance
CRUCIAL FACTS YOU MUST KNOW ABOUT DELIVERANCE Quite a number of people today are seeking to get delivered from all kinds of satanic oppressions but never know how. Some got their deliverance but find it difficult to sustain it. Some ended up with a situation worse than the former just a few days or years after their deliverance. People wonder what has happened to them. Was their deliverance not genuine? What happened that prompted a worse case to come upon them? How can someone get delivered and shut the door against demons and totally enjoy divine freedom? If you are asking these questions, Pastor SAM provides realistic and Bible-based answers for you. Samuel Olugboye in his easy-to-comprehend style of writing takes you on a journey to the realm of deliverance. You are going to find out what deliverance entails; what happens during the process of deliverance; steps to obtain your deliverance and more importantly, how to shut the door against the devil and enjoy total freedom.
Author : Samuel Olugboye
Published : 2020
Book Type : Book
Category : Religion
Number of Pages : 25

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