Understanding the Covenant of Holiness
If you ever wondered why a lot of people don’t like to discuss righteousness, a state of moral pureness and holiness, this book explains that it is because people don’t understand that holiness is man’s greatest desire, and is the ultimate aim of the sacrifice and vicarious death of Jesus Christ for all humanity. In Understanding the Covenant of Holiness, Kelicha Ochonogor uses simple language and common experiences to make Holiness less scary a topic. You can now easily become holy and begin to live in the blessedness of the experience. The author writes to show that the death of Jesus was a complete sacrifice to achieve for us both God’s imparted holiness and divine grace to live holy and enjoy the benefits of holiness.
Author : Kelicha Ochonogor
Published : 2016
Book Type : Book
Category : Religion
Number of Pages : 46

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