Unhinged by His Dark Fire
She's his teenage crush. He's her younger brother's best friend… You're a young woman. Your younger brother is pissed with you because you're sleeping with his best friend and room-mate and your billionaire dad who controls your purse strings has given you an ultimatum to end the affair or else... Former model, Wumi Osoba has always lived a nice, perfectly planned – and a teeny bit boring – life. She is engaged to a man chosen by good old dad. So when she bumps into Dare DaSilva, a swaggering chocolate-eyed, soccer-loving hunk, she knows she should ignore the incredible attraction between them. After all, he is her younger brother’s best friend and room-mate. She should do the right thing. Or should she? Before long, Wumi is surrendering to this feral hunger, saying no to daddy's choice of husband and – OMG – punching her baby brother in the face.
Author : Sable Rose
Published : 2018
Book Type : Book
Category : Romance
Number of Pages : 277

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