Since the beginning of the world and even current civilization, the greatest wonder on the earth has been mankind. The human race is the greatest investment and the most powerful resource on the surface of the earth. But it is unfortunate that most people live below their full capacity. There is an urgent need for people to realize the value locked up within them and also to know how to deploy that value the right way. Meanwhile, even among those who know they have great potentials, there is a quest for relevance and impact. Several persons know what they want and the future they see for themselves; but only a few know how to get there. This book is for all who seek to rise to their greatest potentials, those who want to step into new, possibilities - where they are ahead of limitations. This book explores what the real limitation is, and it shows you how to overcome that limitation. In the book ‘Unlimited’, you will find a sure pathway to lasting and true greatness and you will discover your potentials. As you read, you would be equipped with the tools needed to live a fulfilled and a happy life whilst making maximum contributions to the world around you. In the Unlimited book you are permitted to be nothing short of UNLIMITED!
Author : Theresa Odey
Published : 2019
Book Type : Book
Category : Inspirational
Number of Pages : 146

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