UNSTABLE follows the story of a King, King Ido, who goes into an atypical affair with a rejected village harlot, Esewi. An angry mob had dragged Esewi before King Ido to be banished, instead, the king shields Esewi in his palace and in an unexpected turn of event, he falls in love with her. The villagers and chiefs are angered by this “thoughtless” move and make several attempts to discourage the King; but he is not ready to cave into the pressure from within his inner circle or from his subjects, and proceeds to make her his wife and queen. Now he is caught between paying a steep price that may cost him everything, including his throne; or lose his precious Queen whom he gave his word to wrestle even the gods for her. What will he do or not do for love?
Author : Dickson Ekhaguere
Published : 2018
Book Type : Book
Category : Romance
Number of Pages : 47

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