Wisdom Directions to Making Life Count
It is a book that contains four basic wisdom principles, which can make life count if followed. They are woven in the pages of the scriptures and are able to make one wise. Wisdom does what it does best – to give life direction, because it is the principle thing in all human acquisition.This book establishes that life has an expiry date; no one gets to live for life. We all came at a time, and at another time, we will go, hence we must live a life that matters before our final exit. The life we have is a function of God’s grace; hence, we must live on purpose. In the world we live in, despite the fact that it is seriously perverted, discipline remains a hallmark of God-life. The systems of the world accommodate lasciviousness, but through discipline, we get to be molded and guided. Another principle is to honour God; honouring God makes life count. Those who honour Him, He honours back. The last of the principles shared in the book is that to live a life that counts, you must grow in knowledge because one cannot grow more one knows.
Author : Aremu Sunday
Published : 2019
Book Type : Book
Category : Inspirational
Number of Pages : 17

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