Wisdom for Staying Married
Wisdom for Staying Married talks basically on what the author calls the language of marriage. The language has to be spoken for marriage to work. Many marriages have failed when the couple do not understand, or refuse to speak this language. Just like every language has tone, diction, alphabets and so on, marriage also has its language and this language is taught in this book. You won’t believe how deep it can be till you read this. The stories are fiction based on true-life experiences and the wisdom nuggets that precede each account are pieces of the author’s mind presented as a narration from a wealth of wisdom inspired by the Holy Spirit. The desire of the author is to see everyone who picks this book up, blessed, learning, and changed.
Author : Sinmisola Ogunyinka
Published : 2011
Book Type : Book
Category : Inspirational
Number of Pages : 69

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