Worst Nightmare
What you see is not always what is the truth, this is the case in the life of Fiyinfoluwa, who strives to find joy and love after an incident in the past that sucked out the joy of her life and left her traumatized. But this particular year will be different for her, the question is, who will fill that void in her life? With the loss of an irreplaceable element in her life, she struggles to let anyone into her world, let alone, trust them. In her gradual walk when she meets people and tries to open up, will she end up getting hurt again or will she finally find peace when she develops feelings for the first time in her life and for the first time in a long time? Will she give love a chance or just keep living emotionless? A tale of two lost souls merged into one, creating an epic balance of similarity and pain. Loosing something valuable can be hard to get over, but Fiyinfoluwa wants to get over it, and she can't do it alone, she'll need help, but she's scared to call out
Author : Derin Dawodu
Published : 2021
Book Type : Book
Category : ART / African
Number of Pages : 262

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